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Update XP

Update XP works automatically with major card associations to continually update customer card account information to increase revenue and prevent payment interruptions due to data breaches, lost or stolen cards, and credit card updates.

  • Continuous – Checks for card account changes and updates daily
  • Seamless – Provides a seamless payment experience for both the merchant and customer
  • Transparent – Process creates a positive purchasing environment
  • Maximize Revenue – Recover revenue and increase customer retention

How it Works

Update XP allows merchants to receive continual updates on changes to customers' card accounts. When a consumer receives a new credit card number or their card expires, Update XP will send this data to the merchant upon request. By subscribing to Update XP, the merchant's recurring transactions can continue without interruption, despite changes to customers' accounts.

Who’s it for?
  • Recurring Billing
  • Subscription Payments
  • Installment Payments
  • Membership Clubs

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