September 3, 2015 | E-commerce Companies Among 2014's Top Retail Earners

E-commerce Companies Among 2014's Top Retail Earners

With the e-commerce industry booming, there may come a time in which these companies outnumber those that are exclusively brick and mortar. Should that day arrive, 2014 might be looked upon as the moment when the shift began, based on a new report from the National Retail Federation and Stores Magazine.


Mertitus Payment Blog (8/28/15) 

Cross-border Online Shopping Makes Waves Across Europe

Europe`s share of global cross-border online retail sales is predicted to amount to one quarter by 2025, a recent research study reveals.


The Paypers (9/2/15) 

Report: E-commerce Fraud Rises 20% in Q2

During the second quarter of 2015, fraud attacks against e-commerce merchants grew by 20 percent compared to the first quarter, according to antifraud technology provider ThreatMetrix.


Card Not Present (8/24/15)

Small Businesses Are Slow to Embrace New Chip-Card System

Many small businesses aren’t racing to update their checkout systems ahead of an Oct. 1 shift that will put merchants on the hook for some fraudulent card charges.


The Wall Street Journal (9/2/15)

10 Stats About the Rise of Mobile Commerce (Infographic)

Mobile has quickly become a tremendous force in ecommerce in the ecommerce arena. The mobile’s influence on a shopper begins long before payment, with the modern-day shopper using it to research a company, the actual product  and the best marketplace to buy from.


Payment Eye (9/3/15)  

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