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Chargeback Management System provides merchants with descriptions of the chargeback and suggested tips, tools and documentation to fight the chargeback. It's an intuitive system that helps you take a proactive stance against chargebacks and increase profitability.

The customer isn't always right. Some chargebacks can be resolved easily without the merchant having to lose the sale. By providing additional information, a chargeback can be resolved. Fighting a chargeback can be done by simply providing additional information about the transaction or about specific actions taken regarding the transaction.

Simply log into your reporting portal account and view detailed information regarding the chargeback. Review the suggested tips, tools and documentation as you respond to your chargeback. Then upload the necessary information to resolve the chargeback and submit for review. Chargeback Management System's dynamic case classification intuitively prioritizes cases that require immediate attention first. Finally, use the data analytics to review the status of disputes and your business profitability within one system.

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